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We are ReAP UK, a passionate charity dedicated to facilitating the recycling of plastics collected from aquatic ecosystems such as rivers, canals, lakes, and oceans. Our purpose is to actively reduce the amount of plastic waste in these delicate ecosystems and promote sustainable practices for a cleaner and healthier world.


At ReAP UK, we understand the devastating impact of plastic waste on our planet's aquatic life and ecosystems. Every year, millions of tons of plastic are dumped into our waterways, polluting and harming wildlife. This plastic waste not only affects the animals living in these ecosystems but also threatens the health of our planet.

We believe that it is our responsibility to take action and create a positive change. By encouraging the collection of plastic waste from rivers, canals, lakes, and oceans, we ensure that it is properly recycled and kept out of landfill.

We work tirelessly to achieve our goals through the support of our dedicated team and volunteers. Our team members are passionate about environmental protection and are committed to making a difference in the world. We partner with volunteer groups, businesses, and organisations to ensure that all plastics they recover from our waterways are recycled.

We believe that small changes can make a big difference, and we are committed to creating a cleaner, healthier world for future generations. We invite you to join us in our mission to protect our planet's precious ecosystems by supporting our efforts to reduce plastic waste in aquatic environments.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference!

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